Christmas is a very special holiday, celebrated across the world; it is the ultimate celebration of love and giving back. It also coincides with the end of the year, which makes us look back on the year that has passed and think of what we did and how we can improve it. So this year, did you give enough back?

Christmas is about love and giving back. It’s amazing to see how we forget about ourselves and their materialistic needs and instead want to give back to others. For some, it can be overwhelming to know where or how they can make a difference. But there are many ways for them to do so.

Children are the future. They are our hope, our future leaders. An easy way to start giving back is to give to children. We have a responsibility, as adults, to care for children with love and kindness so they can grow up to be happy and healthy individuals capable of contributing to society. Giving back, whether it’s through donations or charity, is an important way of being kinder and doing good for others who may not have what you have in life – just because it’s Christmas! We need to invest in their well-being so they can grow up to be leaders in the world.

Alexis Lontos Leonidou

Alexis Lontos Leonidou

Alexis Lontos Leonidou is a producer, composer, songwriter and singer. Having grown up in a family where arts in general played a significant role, it was inevitable for Alexis not to show great interest in music and arts from a very young age. Upon completing his high school education, he enrolled in the National Conservatory of Athens in Greece. He graduated in 2007 receiving a Diploma with Excellence in Harmony and Counterpoint, while also acquiring a Diploma with Excellence in Voice from the Music Horizon Conservatory of Athens. In addition, Alexis holds a Diploma from the London College of Music at Thames Valley in Music Theory and Literacy (LMusLCM). Subsequently, he moved to New York City to study as an undergraduate student at the renowned Mannes College for Music pursuing a degree in Classical Composition. At the same time, Alexis Leonidou also studied Orchestral Conducting at the evening division of the Juilliard School, under one of the most prominent 20th Century Conductors, Vincent La Selva. During his studies in New York City, Alexis was blessed enough to work and attend classes under important composers such as John Corigliano, Christopher Theofanides, Rudolph Palmer, David Loeb, Agrippino Bellino, Frederick Hand and many more.

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