Inner strength is the ability to keep calm and composed in tough situations.

It is an integral part of human nature. It provides us with the courage to stand up for our beliefs and convictions, no matter how difficult it may be.

It can be developed through various practices – meditation, mindfulness, yoga, etc.

Inner strength can be cultivated from within or from outside help from a person or an activity that also boosts the person’s self-confidence.

“You have power over your mind―not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”  ―Marcus Aurelius

The first step to finding inner strength is to know what it is. Inner strength is about not giving up and having the courage to keep going even when we feel like we can’t take another step.

Secondly, it’s about knowing that we are not alone and that there are people around us who will help us through this hard time.

Inner Strength Characteristics

Inner strength is the ability to cope with difficulties, challenges, stress, or adversity in a manner that allows them to move past it.

There are many different ways in which people can have inner strength. People show inner strength in very different ways. It can be shown through how they view themselves and their own life experiences. It can also be shown through how they behave during bad times.

There are many ways that people’s inner strengths change over time and vary depending on the circumstances that surround them. People who have an extremely low self-esteem may show more signs of difficulty coping during difficult periods than people who are confident about themselves and their lives.

How to Build Inner Strength and Confidence

The first step for building your inner strength and confidence is to be honest with yourself and ask yourself what you want, what you need, and what the obstacles are.

Here are some things that can help you build your inner strength:

– Make a list of all the good things about yourself.

– Go on social media only for 15 minutes each day, not more.

– Volunteer to take one hour out of your day to do something kind for someone else.

Ways to Strengthen Your Inner Power

A lot of people find that many aspects of their lives are too challenging. They might feel like they don’t have the inner strength to do what is needed. There are a number of ways to strengthen your inner power and here is one such example:

1) Understand what you need to do – sometimes we feel like we aren’t able to take the next step because we don’t understand what it is that we need to do

2) Be patient with yourself. This strategy may take a little time, but you will see results if you keep at it

3) Take a break

4) Practice gratitude – this can help you find something in your life that is going right. Some people find it helpful to make a list of things they are grateful for before

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Alexis Lontos Leonidou

Alexis Lontos Leonidou

Alexis Lontos Leonidou is a producer, composer, songwriter and singer. Having grown up in a family where arts in general played a significant role, it was inevitable for Alexis not to show great interest in music and arts from a very young age. Upon completing his high school education, he enrolled in the National Conservatory of Athens in Greece. He graduated in 2007 receiving a Diploma with Excellence in Harmony and Counterpoint, while also acquiring a Diploma with Excellence in Voice from the Music Horizon Conservatory of Athens. In addition, Alexis holds a Diploma from the London College of Music at Thames Valley in Music Theory and Literacy (LMusLCM). Subsequently, he moved to New York City to study as an undergraduate student at the renowned Mannes College for Music pursuing a degree in Classical Composition. At the same time, Alexis Leonidou also studied Orchestral Conducting at the evening division of the Juilliard School, under one of the most prominent 20th Century Conductors, Vincent La Selva. During his studies in New York City, Alexis was blessed enough to work and attend classes under important composers such as John Corigliano, Christopher Theofanides, Rudolph Palmer, David Loeb, Agrippino Bellino, Frederick Hand and many more.

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