James Nyoraku Schlefer – Regardless – A journey through Air for Shakuhachi – Composed By Alexis Lontos Leonidou Dedicated to Grand Master James Nyoraku Schlefer Performer: Grand Master James Nyoraku Schlefer Mannes Concert Hall, NY May 2010 Alexis Lontos was always fascinated by the captivating sounds and emotions that a shakuhachi flute can produce and he was eager to try and compose a piece for it to see how many abilities this monophonic instrument can have. Alexis Leonidou is feeling blessed and lucky enough to have had the opportunity of having one of the best shakuhachi players – if not the best contemporary – in the world as my interpreter Grand Master James Nyoraku Schlefer! I could not thank him enough for giving Alexis this chance of becoming his voice through his sublime performance! Since then the piece has been performed in various places in the world by different performers on both Shakuhachi or C flute.

Regardless a journey through Air for Shakuhachi Flute

I.Poco Tranquille e teneramente, Adagio


III.Quasi tranquillo e piu sensible, Adagio

Composer – Alexis Lontos Leonidou

Performer – James Nyoraku Schlefer

”The journey of a note…… Outside the concept of time, in the arms of the universe, she learnt of harmony, serenity, and total balance and she decided she would start the journey of experience through time…. She passed through stars, asterisms, comets and planets, and chose to settle on earth! She allowed the atmosphere to weigh her down, The sun to warm her, The north wind to cool her, The bees to embellish her, The flowers to clothe her with aroma, The seas to beguile her, The earth to powder her, And the cry of wild beasts to overwhelm her, After dancing the crazy dance of nature, she crept into the soul of man to rest. He nurtured her, Hummed her, Whispered her And then she let him name her. He named her ”Sol”…like the soul! And then he unleashed her onto a staff. And she multiplied, Became a melody, Became a rhythm, And re-entered his soul And launched him into the universe….!”

Alexis Leonidou

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Alexis Lontos Leonidou

Alexis Lontos Leonidou

Alexis Lontos Leonidou is a producer, composer, songwriter and singer. Having grown up in a family where arts in general played a significant role, it was inevitable for Alexis not to show great interest in music and arts from a very young age. Upon completing his high school education, he enrolled in the National Conservatory of Athens in Greece. He graduated in 2007 receiving a Diploma with Excellence in Harmony and Counterpoint, while also acquiring a Diploma with Excellence in Voice from the Music Horizon Conservatory of Athens. In addition, Alexis holds a Diploma from the London College of Music at Thames Valley in Music Theory and Literacy (LMusLCM). Subsequently, he moved to New York City to study as an undergraduate student at the renowned Mannes College for Music pursuing a degree in Classical Composition. At the same time, Alexis Leonidou also studied Orchestral Conducting at the evening division of the Juilliard School, under one of the most prominent 20th Century Conductors, Vincent La Selva. During his studies in New York City, Alexis was blessed enough to work and attend classes under important composers such as John Corigliano, Christopher Theofanides, Rudolph Palmer, David Loeb, Agrippino Bellino, Frederick Hand and many more.

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